• Build a marriage stronger than a nuclear reactor

Marriages are like nuclear reactors.

We start with your only hope for a Christian marriage: Jesus Christ.

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I'm Toby Sumpter and I've pastored and counseled couples for years.

Cultivate a strong marriage with practical biblical counsel:


Build your marriage on the only solid foundation, Jesus.

• Understand the culture-changing power and blessing of a Christian marriage

• Get your love life and spiritual priorities in the right order

• Stay in fellowship with each other through forgiveness the way God says to forgive

• Enjoy the different roles of a husband and wife and know why their differences are good


Think clearly about the topics of headship and submission. 

• Learn about every Christian’s duty of submission in the Lord

• Identify your wife’s specific responsibility of glorious submission to her husband

• Identify your husband’s specific responsibility of headship over his wife and the family

• Assume a husband's biblically-defined role to love and cherish his wife, and to go into the fire first


 “Fix” your marriage through obedience to the Word

• Leave room for God to work for your good by refusing to manipulate your spouse

• Win your husband over to you, when he’s off track, exactly the way God wants you to win

• Give strength and honor to your wife in her need and weakness

• Know how a husband ought to really understand and live and sleep with his wife


Get answers to hard questions:

• What about babies, birth control, and barrenness? 

• How far is too far when you're dating, engaged, or stuck watching porn while married?

• How compatible should you be on big issues like Scripture, childbearing, education, finances, and more?

• What’s the point of a wedding and a reception?

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"Bold in the face of today's secularized society"

Biblical, easy to read, and bold in the face of today's secularized society in America! Anyone who calls themselves a Christian could learn something from Pastor Toby's book

Amazon Customer, on "Blood Bought World" by Toby Sumpter

"Different . . . Bold . . . Punchy"

I'm prejudiced against modern Christian authors. What passes for Christian witness today is typically so tepid and risk-averse as to put me instantly to sleep. Thankfully this book is different. It's bold. It's punchy. It's iconoclastic. And all in the name of Jesus, regeneration, and Christian militancy.

Jody Killingsworth, on "Blood Bought World" by Toby Sumpter

"Be prepared"

Be prepared to be offended, be prepared to repent, be prepared to glorify God with fresh eyes. Thoroughly enjoyed every chapter, even the painful parts that brought me to my knees.

Vincent Stewart, on "Blood Bought World" by Toby Sumpter


It's an unflinching exposition of aspects of the gospel with enough specific, painful details to make just about everyone uncomfortable. And then to give both the big answer - what Jesus has done and is doing - and the small answer - what we now do.

Paul Huxley, on "Blood Bought World" by Toby Sumpter

"For long-time Christians"

For long-time Christians, this one cuts. You will be motivated to action. The instruction is always scripturally-backed, but it brings fresh insight on how the contemporary Christian needs to interact with the culture.

Rand, on "Blood Bought World" by Toby Sumpter