Toby J. Sumpter

Blood-Bought World: Jesus, Idols, and the Bible

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Hello, World! Jesus bought this place with His blood. Deal with it.

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If the Church is to rise up full of people who don't give a damn about the fleeting pleasures of this life and who care only for the glory of Jesus and His Kingdom, we must once again grasp what made Jesus so eminently killable.

If Jesus had been born in our day, the council that condemned Him would have included a couple of

  • well-known evangelical pastors,
  • a few outspoken pro-life leaders,
  • a conservative-libertarian-leaning politician,
  • and at least one Bible-thumping fundamentalist.

Jesus was murdered by church people, for churchy reasons.

In Blood-Bought World, I pinpoint the raw spots where modern-day Christians have allowed respectability, comfort, fear, love, fitness, authenticity, or other idols to become "fig leaves" to shield us from the Persons of the Trinity.

We have relegated God to Sunday school presentations instead of following Jesus on the path to real authority and power: the cross.

God's undiluted sovereignty demolishes every false human claim of autonomy.

Men and women who know Jesus have no patience for a polite social club with religious jargon.

The real Christian faith, delivered to God's people and driven by the Holy Spirit, is a wild, rambunctious, healing force set on the redemption of the world. That is what "being Christian" means.

What People are Saying:

Toby is fearless when it comes to proclaiming the passages of Scripture that send so many of us into hiding, attempting all kinds of exegetical gymnastics in order to avoid what God is clearly telling us. . . he has the courage to say the unpopular truth, come what may. And this book is full of that kind of courage. . . On the whole, for any Christian who might be slowly drifting toward the question, "Hath God really said...?" and for any Christian who needs to be ready to answer that question with boldness, this is an excellent read. - Hannah Grieser, author of The Clouds Ye So Much Dread

I'm prejudiced against modern Christian authors. What passes for Christian witness today is typically so tepid and risk-averse as to put me instantly to sleep. Thankfully this book is different. It's bold. It's punchy. It's iconoclastic. And all in the name of Jesus, regeneration, and Christian militancy. - Jody Killingsworth

Be prepared to be offended, be prepared to repent, be prepared to glorify God with fresh eyes. Thoroughly enjoyed every chapter, even the painful parts that brought me to my knees. - Vincent Stewart

It's an unflinching exposition of aspects of the gospel with enough specific, painful details to make just about everyone uncomfortable. And then to give both the big answer - what Jesus has done and is doing - and the small answer - what we now do. - Paul Huxley

For long-time Christians, this one cuts. You will be motivated to action. The instruction is always scripturally-backed, but it brings fresh insight on how the contemporary Christian needs to interact with the culture. - Rand

Biblical, easy to read, and bold in the face of today's secularized society in America! Anyone who calls themselves a Christian could learn something from Pastor Toby's book - Amazon Customer

Toby Sumpter is a pastor at Christ Church, and the author of Job Through New Eyes: A Son for Glory. He and his wife Jenny live in Moscow, Idaho with their four children.

AUTHOR: Toby J. Sumpter

PAGE COUNT: 236 pages

SIZE: 5.25x8"

ISBN 10: 1-59128-192-X

ISBN-13: 978-1-59128-192-4

PUB. DATE: December 1, 2015