Toby J. Sumpter

No Mere Mortals Couple's Workbook


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A man should look at his wife or fiancée and gasp .

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How well do you know the immortal soul you have agreed to marry?

Would you like help walking through important topics concerning the rest of your lives together?

The Couple's Workbook contains space to write answers to the No Mere Mortals discussion questions and activities, along with takeaways, highlights, and additional "study the Word" sections for each chapter.

Get a copy to go along with your copies of No Mere Mortals .

Also includes a suggested premarital counseling guide to take each couple through No Mere Mortals in eight weeks.

Toby Sumpter is a pastor at Christ Church, founding co-host of the CrossPolitic show and podcast, and author of Job Through New Eyes: A Son for Glory and Blood Bought World . He writes regularly at his blog Having Two Legs. He and his wife Jenny live in Moscow, Idaho with their four children.

AUTHOR: Toby Sumpter

PAGE COUNT: 94 pages

SIZE: 8.5x10"

SKU: WG-F223-2

PRICE: $9.95


ISBN-10: 1952410797

ISBN-13: 9781952410796

PUB. DATE: December 1, 2020